If you're thinking about inter-country adoption or have already adopted children from other countries, you'll find our ICANZ magazines a great read. Those who are fostering or parenting with shared guardianship through "Home For Life" also find our magazine informative and helpful.

We produce magazines twice a year, in Autumn and Spring. Those who adopt through ICANZ (or adopted or were adopted through ICANZ in the past, even many years ago) will be sent an electronic copy of the magazine.

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We feature a huge array of issues essential to adoption and parenting, including:

  • Trans-racial parenting
  • Search and reunion
  • Identity issues for adopted children and teens
  • Parenting adopted children
  • The journey to adoption - personal stories
  • Your child's home culture
  • Parenting adopted older children and sibling groups
  • Specialised health or development issues
  • Parenting toddlers to teenagers
  • The reality of orphanage life

And, regular pages including:

  • Regional news
  • Welcome Home!
  • Glad to be Here Photos
  • Lots and lots of photos of our wonderful children as they grow up
  • And much, much more!

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